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The smartphone, working in unison with the multi-touch tablet, creates a unique, game changing form factor:
The Killer Apps:

Easy View™ - Call a pizza restaurant, see the menu on the tablet.
Communicate with voice, use the phone as a remote or use the tablet’s touch screen.

Visual IVR™ - No more for this press one, for that press two. See all your choices immediately.

The Personal Interface™ - Technology on your terms.

Your Unified User Experience with all of your choices, preference, applications, media and data how and where you want it. On any device.

With your cell as a remote, any networked display surface becomes your screen.

Assited Living Solutions  (A.L.S.) New Personal Interfaces and form factors make it possible for those of different ablities to have the most
fluid and intuitive user experience currently possible.

Get a new device, map your interface onto it. Technology that adapts to you.

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