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Unify Cs creates ground breaking convergent solutions that simplify the user experience and maximize enterprise efficiency.

Unify’s model is to help evolve infrastructure and client side hardware and software through our convergent patents to create
a personalized appliance type experience that include mobile, home, television, work, and automotive. This new paradigm
allows users to control and manage their electronic lives much more instinctively and to more rapidly complete tasks. As
the need arises, more advanced functionality is accessible through the launching of the full versions of traditional applications.

With these more efficient ways of interacting with technology. We aim to empower people through personalized technology.
Through these smarter systems, advertising will evolve, greatly reducing errant ads and significantly enhancing the users experience.

With the goal of intuitive simplification, these groundbreaking principles are easily realized in OEM's and MSO's natural product cycles
and will soon be part of the standard paradigm of human computer interaction.

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